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The half and full day experience are normally used by people travelling a distance to see Dan.

In order to maximise the time goals along with current strengths and weaknesses should be emailed to Dan in advance.

The day is structured as follows:

The video footage along with TrackMan data explaining the cause and effects along with detailing an improvement plan based on your goals. A template for future improvement will be detailed and utilising the unique TrackMan tests Dan has devised he will measure your game. Golf is a result based business and it is vital that you are maximising your improvement.

Dan utilises his unique drills and sets out the drills you will need to employ to maximise improvement. This along with a development plan going forwards will allow you to maximise improvements.
A video with the analysis plus an improvement plan will be sent to you along with all relevant TrackMan and test data.

Dan has added a golf fitness and core area to his studio. With his extensive biomechanics knowledge and sports background he is able to use this area to maximise results. You may be struggling to internally rotate the right elbow correctly in the backswing or have the correct movement in your pelvis. Dan has the exercises and tests to help you achieve the positions you both desire in your swing. This has been a great addition to the studio as very often students are trying to apply the swing changes yet a body issue is preventing them from achieving it.

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