Kate Zavodov Testimonial to Dan Whittaker Golf | Dan Whittaker Golf

14 Feb 2014

Kate Zavodov Testimonial to Dan Whittaker Golf

It was a pleasure to meet with you last week and to see the work you did
with my 13 year old son - your session was nothing short of amazing! He
found it really useful to be able to "see" what he was doing wrong by
watching the video and then to work on recommended changes immediately in
your golf studio. He is also very enthusiastic about using your video
analysis service whilst we are in Spain over the winter.

I decided to contact you following many hours of research on the internet
because I felt your Youtube vidoes did illustrate the importance of
developing the correct posture to improve golf results AND look after long
term health of the body and spine. I am delighted to say that your session
exceeded my expectations by a long way and that it was well worth the 3 hour
drive to come to your studio! We look forward to working with you on an
on-going basis and I am sure that results will speak for themselves.