ONE HOUR LESSON | Dan Whittaker Golf



During the one hour lesson Dan videos your swing from all angles and gets all of the swing data on TrackMan. This information will be analysed and a plan formulated mirroring your goals.

Dan's true skills come to fruition during the analysis as his knowledge of bio-mechanics and cause and effect show you the root cause of your swing problems. He uses the numbers on TrackMan showing how your swing mechanics cause the ball flights you are experiencing. The numbers you are aiming to achieve and what technical changes are required to achieve these are highlighted.

Individual drills are then given to you along with an improvement plan and a video which details the changes that need to be incorporated.

Dan has added a golf fitness and core area to his studio. With his extensive bio-mechanics knowledge and sports background he is able to use this area to maximise results. You may be struggling to internally rotate the right elbow correctly in the back swing or have the correct movement in your pelvis. Dan has the exercises and tests to help you achieve the positions you both desire in your swing. This has been a great addition to the studio as very often students are trying to apply the swing changes yet a body issue is preventing them from achieving it.

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