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Proven Track Record

Dan has a proven track record when it comes to working with his students. He has taken golfers of all abilities and helped them realise both their goals and their potential.

Dan has seen his students win every title available within the county as well as the Northern Order of Merit. He has juniors that are ranked number 1 in the country in their respective age groups. His skills are not just utilised by the elite he has taken many golfers from high teens and 20's handicap down to single figures and beyond.

Dan utilises his skills in assessing cause and effect, knowing what is causing the chain reaction you often see is vital to making long term changes and advances to your game. The use of training aids, biomechanics, video, TrackMan and golf specific exercises are all used by Dan to help you make the necessary changes.

Below are some changes he has made with students, many of these changes have taken place in less than an hour, yet they are not quick fixes they are simply due to getting to the core of the problem and fixing it.