TrackMan System at Dan Whittaker Golf! | Dan Whittaker Golf

1 Mar 2014

TrackMan System at Dan Whittaker Golf!

The use of TrackMan has been a great addition to the lessons that Dan offers. Not only does the TrackMan show the tangible changes to ball flight via the swing changes Dan suggests. It allows you to understand the impact characteristics that form your current ball flight and what areas need to be altered to form the changes.

Performance is a golf lesson has always been difficult to measure but since the insertion of TrackMan Dan can now successfully track your progress in all areas of your game from:

  • Seeing the numbers alter proving the swing changes are taking place
  • Maximising driver launch conditions for maximum distance and consistency
  • Testing your game in the all import scoring zone via Dan's unique customised tests
  • Doing the full TrackMan combined tests pitting yourself against the best in the world
  • Making sure your wedge launch, spin and carry distance are consistent

The very best players in the world constantly use TrackMan to evaluate their own game and test for improvement. With Dan you will be able to use his proven techniques whilst maximising your results.

If you are not being tested regularly how can you tell if you are improving?